I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Pimpari Chinchwad College Of Engg, Pune-27 Feb 2011

I-flex  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Pimpari Chinchwad College Of Engg, Pune-27 Feb 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I am Pravin, from Sinhgad college of Engg Pune. I have appeared for Oracle Financial Services (earlier i-flex solutions) on 27th and 28th Feb 2011. It was a joint campus venture at Pimpari  Chinchwad College of Engg Pune. Around 37 colleges and 2200 students from Pune have participated.


    It mainly consists of 3 rounds

    1) Aptitude test

    2) Technical Interview

    3) HR Interview.

     The aptitude test was online. Total 80 questions were there. The time given was 80 minutes. It was divided in 4 sections.

    1) Quantitative aptitude 20 que 20 min. (Prepare from R. S. Agrawal quantitative aptitude.) Easy

    2) Verbal English. 15 questions on fill in the blanks, grammar usage (time 12 min). One reading comprehension was given (5 que. 8 min) Easy

    3) Logical section

    -Logical diagram 5 que (8 min). One flow chart was given and questions were based on it (bit tough).

    -Attention to detail 10 que (7 min) very easy.

    -Questions on data sufficiency were given.  (5 que 5 min).Easy

    4) Computers Basics. Questions on DBMS, OS, OOPS, Data structures were asked (20 que 20 min).Being an E & TC student it was very difficult section for me. I just answered them with common sense.

     The results were declared on the same day evening. Around 120 students have cleared the aptitude. We were asked to fill up a form on next day. Fill this form very carefully because they refer it in interview.

    2) Technical Interview:

     Technical Interview was on next day. My Interview started at around 11:30 am. The Interviewer was a cool person. He asked me

    Tell me something about yourself.

    Explain your BE project (I explained it very well for 20 minutes with block diagram).

    Why your percentage so declining (Prepare this well question if the same case with you).

    Do you know C?

    Can you write a simple program in C?

    Write a program for finding factorial of a number, reversing the string, reversing the number.

    Do you read newspaper? Which one?

    Tell me any recent trend in IT (I replied cloud computing).

    Tell me any good news and bad news recently.

    Explain Cloud computing.

    Tell me operating systems used in mobile.

    Tell me your strengths and weaknesses.

    What do you do to overcome your weaknesses?

    Explain your TE project.

    Finally he asked me, Do you have any question? I asked him about job profile, training, etc.

    Prepare your project very well and basic C programs like factorial of number, prime number, Fibonacci series, reversing of no and string, sorting techniques, etc and you will be through. Out of 120 students around 60 or 70 students cleared technical round.

    3) HR Interview 

    Students selected in technical round appeared for HR interview. My interview was at around 2:00 pm on the same day. I entered the cabin with smile on my face. She asked me

    - Pravin, what is the meaning of your name?

    - Introduce yourself.

    I have written cricket as my hobby. She asked me

    Do you play cricket?

    Tell me any five rules in cricket.

    Yesterday there was a thrilling world cup match between India and England. And it was a tie. She asked me who should have won the match. The discussion went for around 10 minutes about match. Finally she was satisfied with my answer.

    Tell me your three strengths and weaknesses.

    Family background

    Your aim in life.

    Whether your college is accredited?

    She then asked me to leave and told me that the results will be declared today or tomorrow. Then I left. Result was declared on next day and was sent to respective TPO. It was the happiest moment when I got to know my result. Be confident, keep smile on face and the success will be yours. Best of luck.

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