I-flex  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -01 Jan 2011

I-flex  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -01 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Total 90 ques,answered in 65 minutes,
    Test-I of 30 minutes(40 questions) 
    Test-II of 20 mins (30 questions) 
    Test-III of 15mins (20 questions) minutes

    1. The following alphabets written in the reverse order which will be the fifth letter to the right of the eleventh letter
      from the left ? A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 
      1)J 2) K 3)L 4)P 5) U ans : 2 i.e K

    2.  if P+Q means 'P is the sister of Q ','P - Q means 'P is the father of Q','P x Q' means 'P is the brother of
      Q',which of the following means 'K is the aunt of N' ? 2. K + L - M x N 2) K-L+MxN 3) K x L -M +N 4)K-Lx M +N 5) none as there is no symbol for aunt . ans : 1 

    3.  If the word code SINDHU is written as VIEOJT ,how is SURESH is written 
      Ans : ITFSVT(3rd option)  

    4. Which will come in the next in the series IAR GET EIV COX                        
      Ans : AUZ(4th option) 

    5. Hitting the target 
      Ans : 65(3rd option) 

    6. + means divide , - means multiply, x means minus, / means plus , what is the output (480+20x20)-16/12 = ? 
      ANS : 76(1st optin ) 

    7. Gopal, Madhav, raju, ????.. like this  Ans : raju(2nd option) 

    8. Anand , meena, cup, la' dup mil ????.like this  Ans : cup(5) 

    9.  Word is PREDILECTION 1ST & 3RD letter is changed, 2nd & 4th, 5th & 7th , similarly changed what is at 8th
      letter counted from left. 
      Ans : L(2) 

    10. 'b' is in Doubt in the same way as 'h' is in 
      1) inhibit 2) house 3)enhance 4) hope 5) honest 
      Ans : honest(5)   

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