Humanities Day 2007 - Highlights

Humanities Day 2007 - Highlights


The 28th annual Humanities Day took place on October 27, 2007. Faculty representing a wide range of disciplines within the Humanities presented on topics such as the historical influence of Czechs in Chicago, the deterioration of the English language, Greek tragedies and social conscious, and the backwardness of Russian culture. This year's keynote address, Painting as a Way of Life: The Blind Orion of Nicolas Poussin, was be delivered by Richard Neer, the David B. and Clara E. Stern Professor of Humanities, Art History, and the College. Professor Neer discussed the relation of a 17th century French painting to early modern ideas of selfhood, skepticism, and science. Additional programming highlights include faculty-guided exhibition tours at the Smart Museum of Art and the Oriental Institute, performances by the New Budapest Orpheum Society, and a screening of the black and white classic Rififi (1955, Jules Dassin).

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