Hughes  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2003

Hughes  Placement Paper   General - Other   -1 Jan 2003

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    7 Jan, 2012


    1. a processor has two level cache.Their access time (level1 and level2) is 100ns and 300ns respect.Memeory access time is 1000ns$ ans is 140 (b)

    2. diskless server uses
       a rarp
       b arp
       c ftp
       ans rarp

    3. which one of them is not a client server
       and one more
       ans is e-mail or telephone.

    4. Which one is used to represent operations
       and one more
       ans binary tree 

    5. one qustion was on private key and public key.The quest. was 
      f a wants to send a message to b that no one other that b should $
       A private key
       A public key
       B private key
       B public key
       6.compliers maintain
       ans is symbol table  From Diwaka

    6. what a java interface not have ?
      ans - instance variables

    7. what is done with java code on a web-page
      ans - downloaded and executed on ur pc

    8.  what is the order of deleting a node from a linked list given a ptr 
      to it 
      ans O(n) ( since u have to traverse the list to reach the prev.

    9. what is RSA

    10. how can A send a messageto B so that B knows its from A 
      ans A uses his private key so that B can use A's public key

    11. what is the best sort in worst case
      ans heap sort

    12. what can access protected memebers of a class
      ans other classes of that program

    13. what protocol is used by a machine to map an ip to hardware address
      ans arp

    14. hat is the size of ipv6
      ans 128 bits

    15. how many keys are needed in symmetric and asymmetric crptography?
      ans - i dont know

    16. how many keys are needed in symmetric and asymmetric crptography?
      ans - i dont know 

    17. one on a right threaded tree

    18. very easy k-map 
      ans i think its b)

    19. very easy ckt 
      ans choice which has option : a&c are equivalent

    20. what in unix doesnt have a fd
      ans process ( this was the first ques ).

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