Huawei  Placement Paper   General - Other   VIT,Vellore-2 Jun 2008

Huawei  Placement Paper   General - Other   VIT,Vellore-2 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frindzz, me Makkineni Kiran Kumar from SITAMS (chittoor). we had off campus on 2nd at VIT, vellore for Huawei one of the Leading MNC company in telecommunications. i would like to share my experience which will help u to get through huawei. its my 13th interview. 700 only ece students (it?s a core company) have attended written test then 79 has cleared it and 30 have cleared technical n finally 17 have got placement. i m happy tat i m also one among them. its extremely happy to work in a core company like huawei.

    3 rounds namely
    1.written ,
    3. HR.

    WRITTEN TEST (each section has sectional cutoff? aware of it)
     its of 3 sections namely
    1.aptitude(10 ques) (section cutoff may be of 4)
    2.technical(15 ques) (nearly 6 cutt off may be)
    3.english(5 ques) (nearly 3 cutt off may be)

    its difficult than other 2 sections. there are 4 objective type Q?s nd 6 non objective type Q's. v should calculate n writ answers.
    Questions may be on profit and loss, time and distance, time and work, probability, venn diagram related??

    it has 15 questions. Q's related to  mostly networks, basic comm, mobile comm, wireless comm. optical ll b asked. easy .if ur basics r good.

    it has 5 q's. tis s easiest section for u if u ve basic grammar skills.

    after clearing written i enterd into tech hr room .she asked me to sit n i thanked her. she asked my resume n then askd me.
    int:  tell about urself
    me: as per resume I made a clear pt 2 pt ans
    int:wat is CDMA,FDMA, nd abt my project (which helped me a lot----basically it related 2 GSM) she asked me?.

    my suggestion plz get prepared of  the imp  topics frm DIGITAL COMMUNICATIONS,ANALOG COMMUNICATIONS  nd  CELLULAR ND MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS??..bcoz they need students with gd basics frm above topics??gain gd knowledge on GSM (it will help u)

    my project helped me lot nd I answered quite well 2 all q?s???nd I was having doubt abt tech round 2 clear.bcoz frm tht panel out of 9?. 5 was promoted 2 the hr ?? I was the tenth ?in middle of my tech one madam came inside nd asked abt the list ?my tech mam told 5 names..another mam told ..its max yaar?..thn my confidence was going 2 loose ..bcoz its 13th cmpy tht 2 core who wnt 2 loose it??..thn also I gave ans?s rightly which I exactly know?.keeping faith on  god?.finally she told makkineni u r going 2 hr?????thnk god

    First of all?..i made myself comfortable sitting inside the resting room?nd practiced hw 2 start ?.. hw 2 ans  2  make myself comfortable a lot?..finally after 2hrs thy called me
    every hr panel has 1 chinese hr& 1 indian hr.
    First  Indian hr asked me
    int: tell me bout urself.
    me: I told again as per my resume pt 2 pt perfectly nd fluently(as I practiced b4 itself)
          It helped me 2 gain 1st imprsion.
    Int:  then he asked can u suppose 2 do work even at jammu nd Kashmir.
    Me: I told ? I don?t care of the place.i said i care abt the work.
    Int: then he told that Chinese hr will ask me q?s ??
    Me: k sir

    Secondly Chinese hr was asking me questions For some of my frnds .he didn?t ask any questions. but 2 me nd tht 2 technical questions
    Int: tell abt your project
    Me: I told briefly
    Int: tel about pcm encoding process
    Me: I clearly explained it
    Int: again he asked about pcm decoding
    Me: I managed 2 xplain it .but I was nt tht much aware of  tht decoding even though I tried my best??
    Int: k.makkineni ???u can leave
    Me: thnk u sir

    After 2 hrs thy told tht 17 members were selected ???. I was feeling somwht nervous
    Thy started announcing names??..mine is the fourth name

    I think it?s the most happiest moment in my life???.i have ever gone through.
    Finally I became a part of the the HUAWEI. ? experience helps u somwht I think so

    k?????????..ALL THE best 2 u people.

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