Huawei  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -1 Jan 2005

Huawei  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -1 Jan 2005

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    7 Jan, 2012


    HUAWEI Written Test 
          Test Pattern Consist of 
          Section I. 60 [General Aptitude +Puzzles directly from Summers Book )  

    1. From Summers 5-6 Questions..

    2. Analytical Reasoning @ Logical Some 10-15 questions..

    3. Rest of them are aptitutes..

      Section II 60 [Teshnical]

    1. Mainly consists of full problems in the Communication & ISDN's,  Microprocessor,Digital Circuits question and basic's of electronics...

    2. 30 Questions are Computer
      Mostly From OS,Networking and Automata concepts (Compiler Concepts). In Os the asked about the Scheduling Problems like they have given  the Execution time and elapse time u have to allocate the time for the  process...

      Section III  [C prgm] (10-12 from pointers)
      Section I

    1. In a city, 80% speaks english, 70% speaks hindi and 10% do not speak both. It was found that 162 people talk both. How many are there in the city?

    2.  Find the missing number: 0 6 24 X 120

    3. There are 26 pearls in a bag. One among them is less in weight. You have been given 2 pan weight machine. In how many trials, you will be able to find the defected one?

    4. There are 30 socks in a bag. 30% is in blue color. What is the probability to take two blue socks?

    5.  In a party, every man has his dog with him. There are 22 heads and 72 legs all together. How many men & dogs are there?

    6. Find the missing number: 0, 0.577, 1, 1.732, ?
        a. 0.656    b.2    c.2.743   d.none

    7. Two different types of tea are mixed, at 6 Kg of type 1 and 4 Kg of type 2. One Kg of type 1 is Rs. 6 and that of type 2 is Rs. 7. The seller get 10% profit, by this action. Find at what price, he 'd have sold the mixture/Kg?

    8. There are 10 people in a party. "How many other people, you met?" is the question asked to everyone. First person says 1, Second says 2, Third says 3..........ninth says 9. Now what tenth person 'd have answered?

    9. .The Distance between A to B is 1000 miles... A person has 3000 Apples ..He has to deliver to the market in B , he is carring Maximum of 1000 apples by the camel.. For every mile the camel eats a Apple ...Like that then u have to find out the number of apples that he delivered to the market?

    10.  In the old era humans used --------- to prevent themself from the attack of dianosur?(Easy one)

    11. Mr x & MRS x  and Mr.y and MRS y are playing a chess that then the chance of winning? ans (MR.y)
       C Programming

    12.  void checkA()
         int a=2;
            printf(" 3 ");
        printf(" 2 ");
             ans. 2

    13. main()
         char P[]={"Hello World"};
         printf(" %s \n",p);
       } ans (abnormal program termination)

    14. # define D 10
      # define Y D+10
      # define D 30
       main(int argc, char *arc[])
          printf(" %d \n",D);

    15. # define TRUE 0
         int i=0;
          printf(" %d \n",i);
        printf(" %d \n",i);

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