HP  Placement Paper   General - Other   -22 Jul 2008

HP  Placement Paper   General - Other   -22 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    HP PAPER ON 22ND JULY, 2008


    Four rounds


    3.Technical(may be 2 rounds)


    TEST (six sections)(214 attended)

    a. Analytical
     Mostly venn diagrams, sums like $ for 0 , * for 1 and 5 qns asked from that)

    b. OS

    c. Data communication and networking (also some problems were asked)
    d. C and UNIX
    e. DBMS
    f. I don?t know d other section


    GD(67 attended)

    For my panel ,they asked discuss on our own topic

    We choose Tea Vs Coffee

    Here they will select half of the count I think so.


    Technical (time was something around 10.30)(44 attended)

    Since I told tat I am good in C, they asked to write two programs

    1.swap 2nos using pointers
    2.string reverse using pointers
    3.he gave one quantitative qn
    4.some qns on DBMS (my area of interest) (foreign key,3cnf,)
    5.asked about compiler (lex tool)

    They expect cse graduate to work on unix


    HR (time 12 passed)(17 attended & no elimination)

    They will ask everything in your resume

    Ur strength, weakness, role model, hobbies, etc

    Be prepared.


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