HP  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-07 May 2005

HP  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Not Specified-07 May 2005

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Interview Details:

    i gone through 3 interviews, two technical and one hr
    first is on project,os, unix, networks, micro processor, c, software engineering
    second on micro processor,c, software engineering and some general
    hr is just for formal to give offer letter.

    first interview

    first question is as usual, tell me about yourself. They observe your expressions and way of your delivary and your confidence. Friends be confident while you are telling, my suggesstion is prepare beforegoing there on paper and practice yourself before mirror.

    Then they ask about your project. They sometimes going in detail and ask you, while doing
    your project , in which areas you feel tough and how would you overcome yourself. They made me
    to write some important functions related to my project and i have been explained their prototypes. Be thorough in your project.

    in my project socket progrmming is there and they asked me in depth in inter process communications like semaphores, shared memory. i am unable to answer most of questions.

    the questions i remembered are ,

    which is fastest ipc and why.
    semaphores.for reason please go through some books like unix system programming by batch.

    a program is given with 100 lines of code and another program also with 100 lines of code,
    both have to executed and first program with 50 lines first then second has to be started and after second finishses it's 50 lines first process has to be started. whis inter process communication you use?

    ans:semaphore with wait and signal operations

    some questions on operating systems like cpu scheduling, what are types of scheduling
    in priority scheduling , how can we increase priority of a process
    ans: using nice command in unix we can

    coming to networks

    tcp/ip reference model they asked me
    then at which layer which device would be there.
    ans:internet layer router
    transport layer host
    host to network layer switches, repeters.

    then they asked me where would be bridges
    i said they on datalink layer and is part of host to network layer.
    then question is, is bridge is software or hardware
    i said of both
    then question is , can we have bridge with only software
    then i said, i am not sure, but now days bridges are almost absent and routers are doing the
    functionality of them.

    then they asked me some questions on ip addressing

    size of IPV4 address 4 bytes
    sizeof Ipv6 address 16 bytes
    size of mac address 48 bit

    then they shifted to c and questions are below

    what happens if malloc falis to allocate memory
    would program continue or abort
    ans: i tell we can check it's return value by malloc, if it fails returs null and we
    can do our required action.

    //program on sizeof operator
    void main()
    char *s[10]={"welcome","to","india"};
    it is 10*4=40 under unix
    it is 10*2=20 under turbo c++ compiler

    //program that analyses about constant

    void main()
    const int i=10;
    int *p;
    printf("\n %d",i);
    would it execute
    ans: it is going to be and we get 11.

    some more questions on c , related to linking , preprocessor like what is difference between function call
    and macro
    then some programs like strcpy , strlen , strcmp etc.

    then they shifted to micro processor

    i told them i only know 8086 .
    then questions are
    8086 is how many bit micro processor and why it is called so
    how many address lines are there
    how would you generate 20bit address with 16 bit registers avaliable.

    then they shifted to software testing

    types of testing unit,black box, white box, regression etc
    linear life cycle model and quality assurance etc

    Then asked me would you like to pose any questions
    my side questions are
    what is my performance level
    what are the skills i have to improve etc

    then they asked me

    1)where would you, want to be stand after 5 years, what are you future plans
    2)if you wouldn't like the job designation we are giving to you , what would you do
    3)why we have to hire you

    what are the different designations in software industry,which position you opt for and why
    did you know six sigma rules , what they for, can you tell them

    there ended first interview

    second interview

    second interview is by higher offficials, by manager to me

    again first question is tell me about yourself
    then some questions on c
    and a program on c, string comparison
    then questioins on micro processor in depth
    then i told sir, micro processor is in 2nd year of my b.tech, so i forgotten
    most of things.
    then some general questions on software engineering like , how would you estimate
    the quality of a software etc.

    then he came to my hobies

    i told 2 hobies
    then question is , what would you do , if work pressure is more and you have to give up
    one of your hobbies and which hobby would you give up.

    the manager closely observed my feelings and expressions and way of my delivary
    he mainly concentrated on my attitude and psychology.

    then i went to third interview which is hr and formal

    Third interview (hr)

    again first question is tell me about yourself
    then how would you applied to hp
    would have any refernce and how would you know that person
    in what positon would you want to see yourself afer 5 years
    what is your future plan , would you have any interest in higher studies. etc

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