How You Define Binding In WSDL

  • 24 Jan, 2012

    Basically we use binding in WSDL to define format of messages and detailed information about protocol of web services.I have given you binding consist of two attributes.these are name attribute and type attribute(name is used to define binding name where as type is used to define binding port.I case of SOAP binding it has two attribute. These are style and transport attribute.Example:<message name="getTermRequest"><part name="term" type="xs:string"/></message><message name="getTermResponse"><part name="value" type="xs:string"/></message><portType name="glossaryTerms"><operation name="getTerm"><input message="getTermRequest"/><output message="getTermResponse"/></operation></portType><binding type="glossaryTerms" name="b1"><soap:binding style="document"transport="" /><operation><soap:operationsoapAction=""/><input><soap:body use="literal"/></input><output><soap:body use="literal"/></output></operation></binding>

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