How To Write Date And Time Literals

  • 14 Dec, 2011

    MySQL offers a number of formats for you to use to enter date and time literals:► ANSI standard format: "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS".► Non-standard limiters. Like: "YYYY/MM/DD HH^MM^SS" or "YYYY.MM.DD HH-MM-SS".► No limiters. Like: "YYYYMMDD" for a date or "HHMMSS" for a time.► Decimal numbers. Like: 8 digits dddddddd for a date or 6 digits dddddd for a time.The tutorial exercise below gives you some good examples:SELECT DATE('1997-01-31') FROM DUAL; 1997-01-31SELECT DATE('1997-01-31 09:26:50') FROM DUAL; 1997-01-31SELECT TIME('1997-01-31 09:26:50') FROM DUAL; 09:26:50SELECT DATE('1997/01/31 09^26^50') FROM DUAL; 1997-01-31SELECT TIME('1997/01/31 09^26^50') FROM DUAL; 09:26:50SELECT DATE('19970131') FROM DUAL; 1997-01-31SELECT TIME('092650') FROM DUAL; 09:26:50SELECT DATE(19970131) FROM DUAL; -- Crazy format 1997-01-31SELECT TIME(092650) FROM DUAL; -- Crazy format 09:26:50

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