How To Use Of E4X With XML

  • 12 Feb, 2012

    Using E4X we can easily use JAvAScript with an XML.Example:I have written an XML document.<order><date>2009-26-01</date><customer> <firstname>Porus</firstname> <lastname>Jain</lastname></customer><item> <name>Milk</name> <qty>4</qty> <price>100.00</price></item></order> We can stroe this XML document as an string in variable order.var order = new XML(txt) 'or' Assign the XML text to the XML object variable directly.var order = new XML()order=<order id="010"><date>2009-26-01</date><customer> <firstname>Porus</firstname> <lastname>Jain</lastname></customer><item> <name>Milk</name> <qty>4</qty> <price>100.00</price></item></order> We can also calculate the price like that,var total=order.item.qty * order.item.priceCan we display the customers full name like that,document.write(order.customer.lastname)document.write(",")document.write(order.customer.firstname)Can add new items like that,order.item+=<item> <name>Bread</name> <qty>5</qty> <price>70.00</price></item>We can display the order id like that,document.write(order.@id)We can calculate the total price, when the order has many items like that,var price=0for each (i in order.item) { price+= i.qty*i.price }

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