How To Solve Blood Relations Easily.. How Many Types Of Questions Asked...

How To Solve Blood Relations Easily.. How Many Types Of Questions Asked...

  • Posted by  chandrasekhar 
    28 Mar, 2012

    Please post you valuable sugestions.

  • 3 Oct, 2012

     very Thanks to say the adminstrator for providing this type of useful materials... and croud is very much to see ur website. Do update the new materials of verbal resoning questions for useful to us 

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  • 28 Mar, 2012

    Hi Chandrasekhar,

    Solving blood relations problems depends on facts you know about blood relations. the below facts are useful while solving these problems.

    a) My mother’s or father’s son is my Brother.

    b) My mother’s or father’s daughter is my Sister.

    c) My mother’s or father’s father is my Grandfather.

    d) My mother’s or father’s sister is my Aunt.

    e) My mother’s or father’s brother is my Uncle.

    f) My son’s wife is my daughter-in-law.

    g) My daughter’s husband is my Son-in-law.

    h) My brother’s son is my Nephew.

    i) My brother’s daughter is my Neice.

    j) My sister’s husband is my brother-in-law.

    k) My brother’s wife is my Sister-in-law.

    l) My husband’s wifer’s sister is my Sister-in-law.

    m) My busbank’s or Wife’s brother is my Brother-in-law.

    n) My uncle’s or aunt’s son or daughter is my Cousin.

    o) My wife’s father or husband’s father is my Father-in-law.

    p) My wife’s mother or husband’s motherr is my Mother-in-law.

    q) My fahter’s wife is my Mother.

    r) My mother’s husband is my Father.

    s) My son’s or daughter’s son is my Grandson.

    t) My son’s or daughter’s daughter is my Granddaughter.

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    Sravani: Useful. Thanks Mahesh
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