How Many Sales Calls Are You Required To Make Each Day

  • 22 Feb, 2012

    As many as possible. In this business, the more time you spend in front of the customer, the more successful you will be. The successful reps I know make a minimum of 10 calls per day. Some make considerably more. There is a direct correlation between the number of doctors you see and your effectiveness, so it behooves you to learn your territory well and make lots of calls.Some companies want you to make a minimum of twelve calls per day. Some companies want a minimum of eight calls per day. Your manager will articulate her minimum call-activity expectations in a very clear manner.The longer you are in the territory, the easier it becomes to make lots of calls. If the receptionists and other gate-keepers like you, they get you in to see the doctor quickly. You can count on your company to give you lots of goodies such as pens, hand lotion and other door-openers to fortify your relationship with the gate-keepers.

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