How Do Put A Picture In My Document In MS Office

  • 8 Mar, 2012

    To insert an image file into your document: 1. Choose Picture from the Insert menu. 1. Choose Clip Art for the built-in clips, locate a clip in one of the clip categories, click on the clip, then click on the first icon in the pop-up menu (this is the Insert Clip button). The Clip Gallery may seem confusing, especially if you used Clip Art in previous versions of Office. Once you are in Clip Art, you can press F1 for help on using the Clip Gallery. 2. To insert a file you have saved on your computer, Choose File, locate the file, then click Insert. To change the flow of text around a graphic object: 1. Select the picture. 2. Choose Picture from the Format menu. 3. The Layout tab has several options; the other tabs (Colors and Lines, Size, and Picture) allow you to make some changes to the graphic object. Another method is to simply copy a picture you have open in a graphics application, then paste it into your Word document.

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