How Do I Put A Watermark Document In MS Office

  • 29 Jan, 2012

    The Word Help on this topic is a little confusing. A watermark is a picture inserted in the header, then formatted so that it appears as a faint background image behind the text in the document. To insert a watermark: 1. Go to the Zoom box on the standard toolbar or the Zoom item on the View menu and reduce the view to 50% (this just makes things easier to see). OPTIONAL: If you only want the watermark on the first page, choose Page Setup from the File menu, then click on the Layout tab. Under Headers and Footers, check the Different first page checkbox. 2. Choose Headers and Footers from the View menu. 3. Insert the graphic for your watermark (see How do I put a picture in my document?). 4. The Picture toolbar should appear on your screen. If you don't see it, click once on the picture you just inserted. Your graphic must remain selected for the remaining steps. 5. On the Picture toolbar, click on the Image Control button, then select Watermark (this will make the graphic look washed out). OPTIONAL: You can convert the graphic to grayscale by selecting Grayscale on the Image Control menu. If you want to adjust the contrast or brightness, there are buttons on the Picture toolbar. If want to apply both the Watermark and the Grayscale attribute, you have to click OK to apply the first one, then go back into 6. CRUCIAL STEP: On the Picture toolbar, click on the Text Wrapping button and select Behind Text. If you don't do this, you get a big graphic in the header that doesn't work as a watermark (this step is not clear in the Word Help topic on watermarks). 7. Now, you can resize the graphic, drag it around on the page, or any other picture formatting you want to do. 8. Close the Header and Footer view by clicking on the Close button on the Header and Footer toolbar. If your graphic is not visible on the screen, choose Print Layout from the View menu. You can now edit your document as usual.

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