How Do I Get Word To Stop Helping Me Type

  • 4 Feb, 2012

    There are several places to look to turn off Word's various automatic features: 1. Choose AutoCorrect (or AutoCorrect Options) from the Tools menu, then click on the AutoCorrect tab. 2. Clear the check boxes for the AutoCorrect items that you want to disable. 3. Do the same for the AutoFormat As You Type tab. 4. On the AutoText tab, clear the Show AutoComplete tip check box. 5. Choose Options from the Tools menu, then click on the tabs and clear any check boxes for features that you want to disable. For example: * Edit tab (Tabs and backspace set left indent). * Spelling & Grammar tab (Check spelling as you type and Check grammar as you type). When these features are on, spelling and grammar that Word does not recognize are underlined with wavy red and green lines.

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