How Do I Change The Default Printer Tray Assignments

  • 20 Jan, 2012

    1. Choose Page Setup from the File menu. 2. Click on the Paper Source tab. 3. Make your printer tray choices, then click the Default button to change default tray assignments. 4. Word will inform you that this change will affect all documents based on the Normal template. If you make changes here without clicking the Default button, the changes are temporary and will revert back to the defaults after the current print job is completed. Printer settings are generally hierarchical. Your printer will respond first to settings made in Word, then the printer driver, then settings made on the printer itself. Problems with Word pulling paper from the wrong tray are often traced to the settings described above. If you still have problems, then check the settings in the printer control panel (click on the Start button, choose Settings, then open the Printers control panel). More advanced printers may also require programming changes on the printer controls located on the printer. Check your printer manual or online Help for more information.

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