Honeywell  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BANGALORE-21 Jul 2006

Honeywell  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   BANGALORE-21 Jul 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    These are the questions asked for the Honeywell test conducted on 22 July 06 in their Bangalore office.

    There were 100 questions:

    50 Technical questions (branch wise)
    30 C questions
    20 aptitude questions

    Aptitude is very easy. Simple questions from profit&loss, ratio, odd-man series, time-distance, clock...

    Technical from OS, DBMS, CN, 8085, unix, DS.. some of the qns I remembered are given below.

    1) Binary search tree is used in
        a) sorting       b)searching            c)indexing           d)all the above

    2) Given a tree..write the preorder traversal

    3) Given an infix expression..write its postfix

    4) First general purpose microprocessor
        a) 2002     b)4004     c)8080     d)8085

    5) What is 8253

    6) ____flag is not used in 8085 jump instructions

    7) SNMP is used in which layer

    8) Banker's algorithm is used for

    9) Belady's anomaly is related to___

    10) Which of the following is non-preemptive
        a) FIFO       b)SJF         c)Round robin           d)all the above

    11 )A relation in 3NF is in______

    12) A question on serializability

    13) One SQL query

    14) Functional dependency one question

    15) The first general purpose microprocessor is ____-bit

    16) In a three byte instruction the second byte indicates____

    17) Average case analysis for partition exchange sort

    18) How the receiver knows to what service the packet to be forwarded?

    19) Given a binary sign magnitude no:..write its decimal

    20) The order in which data is transferred frm magnetic disk
        disk->main mem->cache->h/w register

    21) In which layer of the network datastructure format change is done

    22) Which of the following allow parallel & serial connections
        a)DHCP         b)PPP           c)IPX              d)all the above

    23) Given some IP addresses...identify which one is IPv6?

    24) Open addressing and chaining is used in
        a)sorting          b)indexing           c)collision-resolution       d)none of the above

    25) Storage space requirement for diff: sorts in the descending order

    26) Which scheduling policy is used in unix..

    27) In database which mechanism is suitable for recovery?
        a)checkpointing        b)indexing...         c)             d)

    28) Which of the following is not correct?
        a)arrays consume less space
        b)linked lists are more complex
        c)linked lists use less space

    29)which of the following is not correct?
        a)main does not have arguments
        b)main can have command line arguments
        c)main have variable arguments

    30) Which of the following is not correct?
        a)function can call itself
        b)function can have no return type
        c)function cannot have multiple return statements
        d)function can have arguments

    31) When an interrupt is called control is given to..
        a)interrupt vector table
        b)interrupt service routine

    32) Which of the following is not a synchronization tool
        a)semaphore          b)mutex            c)mutual exclusion          d)message passing

    33) Given a graph write the BFS for it

    34) How can u increase ports of a microprocessor?
        a)8255          b)8259                c)8253             d)8251

    35) What is 8259?

    36) Which of the following maintains a constant time(best,worst,average)?
        a)searching          b)sorting           c)indexing           d)none

    37) In a database a table is stored not is an example of
        a)views              b)logical data independence          c)abstraction      d)all the above

    38) The time CPU takes to complete the execution of processes____

    39) The minimum length of TCP/IP header and IP datagram header
    40) Process spawning in OS is__________

    41) The topology that uses a central hub is___

    C questions were dam easy..pointers and strings ..if ur strong in pointer concepts u can score easily. 2 or 3 qns frm files,enum,extern..

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