Hexaware  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Rajiv Gandhi College Of Engg, Chandrapur-17 Oct 2006

Hexaware  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Rajiv Gandhi College Of Engg, Chandrapur-17 Oct 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi  friends,

            on 16 oct ,i have given aptitude, 650 students solve apti paper , & 212 students clear aptitude test
            i was one of them , that was my 1st apti paper, alhum du lilha, most of the questions are repeted.
            i am from computer tecnology, i have to solve 100 questions within 1hr ,no -ve marking.
            10 q syn, 10 Q anton.,40 Q aptitue,40 Q from computer section.
            if u r from computer brach,see previous Q of hexaware , most of the Q are repeted.
            read sub b4 SOLVE PAPER
             1) data structure
              2)operating system
              3) c ( it will help u in tecnical interview)
             for electronics students
             i asked my friend about the Q paper, they told me most of the Q are from subject control system.(40Q)
                remaining Qs are commen means aptitude & syn.& anto to all branch.
            in the same say i had given GD
                my topic was "  IS KARWACHAUD IS INSULTING TO WOMEN"
               we were 12 students, 10 std,were  saying that KARWACHAUD IS not INSULTING TO WOMEN
                i & other stu.was saying that KARWACHAUD IS INSULTING TO WOMEN.
             4stud were shouting right from begining, they were not given chance to others, i lost my 2 min, & after 2nd min
             i put my 1st point, after that again they were shouting, after 4th or 5th min i put all my points to others & they reply me
            & i continusly reply their answer till 15 min.
              6 studends are selected, & i was one of them.
             next day , at 11am i given tecnical & HR interview(combine)
               in tecnical interview ,madam asked me about  my project ,& DBMS
               1.what is DBMS?
                2. groupby,orderby clause, aggegate functionj,etc
          i had given technical interview good,
         but i done some mistake in HR .
         he asked me very simple Q as about my percentage,
         if u r not selected? i have given him asnswer ,but ans was not standard means something diff.
        now i am trying for syntel company,
                  HAVE A NICE DAY---------
                                                                        ALLAH HAFIZ


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