Have You Any Questions About Teaching

  • 4 Mar, 2012

    You could ask questions about where your teaching placements would be and how these would be chosen, or about how you are assessed on the course. The best questions to ask are those that you really would like to know the answer to, rather than those you can find in books on interview skills. If you research the company well enough, you will find a number of questions naturally arising that you wish to be answered.You should, though, concentrate on questions that show your interest in, and motivation to do, the job itself, rather than the rewards it will bring. So, for example, you should ask about training and career progression in preference to pay and pensions!Other questions you might like to ask include: "How are practical and academic assessments weighted on the course?" "How are previous students doing now?" "What plans do you have to cover the Literacy Hour initiative?" "What sort of curriculum and teaching resources do you provide?"

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