HAL  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Hyderabad-19 May 2007

HAL  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Hyderabad-19 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    1 synchro tc and rx is

    a )   two phase ac

    b)    three phase ac

    c)    dc only

    d)    none


    2 in 4 bit number one bit indicates sign of the number then the locations are from

    a)      -8 to 8

    b)      -7 to 7

    c)      -16 to 16

    d)      None


    3  G(s) = 10/S(S+2) then the natural frequency of this transfer function is

    a)      3.146

    b)      4

    c)      5

    d)      2


    4  In TV video amplifier is used for  =?


    5) one block  contain one of the R L C element then the frequency of that one is 1 MHZ when the capacitor C= 0.1 uf is added to that block then the frequency becomes 2 MHZ then what is the element inside the block at first time

    a) resistor

    b) inductor

    c) capacitor with 0.5 uf

    d) none of these

    ans : b


    6) For unit step input they gave the input G(S)= - -- - - -,h(s)= -------then he ask the steady state error for that transfer fn


    7)Avalanche photo diode is used when compared to PIN diode bcz

     a) larger band width      C)-------

     b) high sensitivity          d) --------


    8)  some non zero DC voltage is      to RC low pass circuit then the DC voltage in the output contains

    a)      Same as in input

    b)      Higher than  input

    c)      Zero

    d)      Slightly increases

    9) ifthe output of the gate is always high then the gates applied to this logic are

    a)      NAND and EXOR

    b)      Nand and NOR

    c)      AND and XNOR

    d)      OR and XOR

    Ans ) a


    10) For the voltage series feedback he gave input resistance and A  and beta value then find the output resistance ?


    11)Signal to noise ratio =15 db Bandwidth =4KHZ then the channel capacity -?

    Ans :                C= B Log (1+ s/n)   =16 log 2

    12 ) Four  messages are given like this 0.5,0.25,0.125,0.125 ,entrophy value is =?

    Ans:          Entrophy= Avg of all informations


    13) Thermal Run away is not possible in FET bcz the flow of

    a)      minority careers        c) _____

    b)      Transconductance      d) none

    Ans : FET is unipolar so there are no minority careers .Thermal run away occurs only minority careers


    14)Gm= 10 ,Rd =20k,Rl =10 find the amplification factor -=?

    Ans =  U= Gm Rd


    15)  Two ideal voltage sourd=ces resistors are connected in series ,power of that one is 4W ,If one of the sorce is active other resistors are shorted .Calculate the power when both are active +/

    a)      0W,8W

    b)      8W,6W

    c)      4W,0W

    d)      None


    16)   A TV braod cast tx uses which type of antenna =?

    a) parabolic antenna b)=---

    c)-----   d) -----

    ans : a


    17)   Electric field and equi potential lines are

    a) parallel to each other

    b) In Quadrature

    ans : b

    18 ) L1= ----- , L2 =  ---- k= _---- then mutual inductance of the coil is =?

    Ans :    M=ksquare root of L!and L2


    19 ) one cube some is there to find out the how many number of cubes are having single side ?


    20)Two qs in verbal are ----- two statements are given for that the relation btwn those two

    Totally there are 160 qs out of that 100 qs from technical and 60 qs from aptitudeand verbal


    GVN Rao

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