HAL  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   All Saints High Schol ,Hyderbad -27 Oct 2007

HAL  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   All Saints High Schol ,Hyderbad -27 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi every body...today i gave HAL written test in hyderbad in ELECTRONICS branch there are 145 technical questions and 15 general studies the very very very very very important thing for those who apearing for HAL exam in electronics is they are given most of the questions from DC MECHINES nearly 50 quetions from that subject today i was shocked to see ques's from that subject,so pls concentrate more on dc mechines.

    mostly they are given questions from these subjects
    1.dc mechines(about 50)
    4.digital electronics(30)
    5.EDC & analog electronics (8)
    6.control systems(2)
    7.antenas,satillite commincation(5)
    the paper is very hard i dont expect they will give question patern like this so plz concentrate more on mechines
    some of questions i feel easy and i remember are 
    1.what is weight of 5rupee coin??
    2.who is below never a cheif justice of india ?
    3.what is largest ISRO company in india?
    4.who is player took 10 wikts in one test innings ?
    (in the list anil kumble not given) 

    techinical que's:
    1.binary number for 1001.1101?
    2.decimal number for 19?
    3.excess-3 code for 29?
    4.speed-torque characterictics of dc motor?
    (some figures given)
    5.quantization noise occurs in??(repeated question 2 times given)
    6.schering brige method used for measuring of??
    7.prom based on networks are very very easy every body can ans...like calculate curent in one resistor if  10 resistors are connected in parall like that
    8.if speed doubles,distance increases what is the torque in dc motor?
    9.what is the value of  A'+1 ?
    10.what is instrument used in MIC instrument?
     a)galvonometer b)ammeter like that....
    11.question about dammping concept in PMMC
    12.what is PAL full form??
    13.what is the use for sweeping resistor in transistor??
    14.quetion based on bootstraping concept.
    15.rms current in half wave rectifier?
    16.what is form factor?(some ratios are given)
    17.prob on tree branches concept
    18.range of radio telemetry...some frequencies given
    so these are questins which are very very easy and i remembered
    dont feel happy to see these questions in every exam these type easy questins they will give but
    who gave corect answers to difficult questions he only will select in written test.so do hard work better to learn concept clearly now a days this galgotia book also not useful for p.s.u's
    prepare test books more.....

    U .Manoj Chandra

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