HAL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore-12 Nov 2008

HAL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore-12 Nov 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi frnds i have writen HAL test on 13 th Nov for Management Trainee (Electrical) It was very easy... u shud be strong at ur basics...

    There were 3 pattern
    1. GK
    2. Aptitude
    3. Technical

    there is no need of preparation for 1st two coz its very very easy......

    Technical papers covers 70% frm

    Measurement & Instrumentation, Electrical Machine( 90% will be problems) rest frm Power system, power electronics n Control system question type was like this...
    1.Find the effective speed of two generator when they operating in parallel with freq. of 50 Hz n 40 Hz?   (3600rpm,  500 rpm,3000rpm)
    2.question based on deflection torque.
    3.Measurent of power by two watt metermethod?
    4.Identify type by pu value 0.3,0.3,0.6? (Syn gen., tranmission line, motor)
    5.Find the actual reading of voltmeter if error % is given?
    6. Pattern in CRO?
    7.what to do 4 converting sine wave 2 triangular wave? ( integrating, differntiating, etc)
    8.question based on deletion torque of tangent galvenometer?
    9.Detection of microwave? (LED, heat, etc)
    10.problem based on Sensitivity of bridges, ammeter, voltmeter etc/
    11.problem based on rotor resistance n rotor frequency?
    12.If a ammeter shows 4A ,suddenlt its  downward coil cuts then it will show? ( zero defletion, full sclae, 2A,8A)
    13.question based on damping?
    14.question on PMMC?
    15.loss which wont occur if permamnat magnet is used? options(Hysteriess, eddy curreny, stray,etc)
    16.wave shape of aramture mmf? (sine wave, square wave, triangular wave, etc)
    17.emf in a conductor is directly proptional to ?( pole-no. of condutor-flux, speed-pole-turns,flux- pole-etc)
    18.problem on finding firing angle?
    19.whats is the order of jacobian matrix for given no. of bus bar?
    20.question based on cyclo converter?
    21.queston on measurement of rms?
    22.question on electrostatic, electromagnetic, MC, MI instruments?
    23.how many watt meter required to measure 3phase 4 wire system? (4,3,2,1)
    24.what shud be the range of voltmeter to measure 100v? (100v-1mA,100v-2mA, etc)
    25.series n paralell connection of volmeter n ammeter?
    26.question on critiacl damping
    27.what will be p.f in two watt meter method? (0.5,1,0.8,etc)
    28.question on parameter for ABCD line constant
    29.triangular spacing of conductors
    30.question on hot wire instruments
    31.finding full scale deflection
    32.question on earthing transformer
    33.problem on thermisters
    34.problem on syn. gen
    35.stability in control system 



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