HAL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Hyderabad-16 Nov 2008

HAL  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   Hyderabad-16 Nov 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi These are some q's

    1.Time constant of a RC network ?
    Ans: RC

    2.Define peak factor?

    3.Hexadecimal and BCD representation of decimal no 43?

    4.What is the use of WAIT instruction used in microprocessor?
    Ans:  to interface the slow peripheral devices to the MP.

    5.Crossover distortion is present in which amplifier?
    Ans: Class B.

    6.2's compliment representation of -17 ?

    7.The largest negative no can be represented with 8 bits in 2's compliment representation?

    8.Each cell in RAM is designed using ___________ ?

    4 to 5 questions from R-H array in contol systems in this the system eqn is given and asked to find the stability of system.

    Two Q's abt Nyquist criteria ?

    9.Wt is the use of Bode plots?

    10.Wt is the use of time response analysis?

    11.The model transform function of a All pass filter I know the ans but I can't type here?

    12.Unit impulse is the input to RL network then wt is the output?

    13.For Tx line given Zoc and Zac then asked to find out characteristic impedance Zo?
    Ans : Zo= sqrt of(Zsc*Zoc).

    14. And for a tx line given L and C value asked to find out impedance of the tx line?

    15. A q's to find out the VSWR and reflection coefficient?

    16. How the electric and magnetic fields are related in a EM wave?

    Two q,s on calculation of efficiency of class B amplifier.

    17. The device in which negative resistance characteristics are present?
    A) FET b) SCR c)UJT d)tunnel diode.

    18. Advance photo diodes are used more in opticalcommunicatoin compared to PIN diode why?
    A q's on potential barrier in diodes.

    19. A ckt of voltage regulator is given and asked to find the load resistance.

    20. A transistor is in saturation when both junctions are reverse biased.

    21. In ce amplifier the capacitor Ce provides which feedback?

    22. A q's on FET amp to find Vds gives Vgs and Igs.

    23. Frequency of Rc-phase shift filter given R and C values?

    24. In AM given modulation index and total power asked to find out the carrier power?

    25. In FM given a eqn of FM and asked to find out modulation index?

    26. A q's from PM.

    27. What is the use of pre-emphasis ckt?

    2 to 3 q's from furrier sereices.

    28. 1 q's from cross correlation.

    From networks 4to 5 q,s all are easy

    29. Superposition therom is applicable for which networks?

    30. Given no of loops and no of nodes and asked to find no of braches.

    31. In network graphs 2 more q's are there. 

    GK(10) English(10) are easy u can do easily like oldest mountains (aravali mountains)

    Appitude(20) is easy all are reasoning based q's very easy.

    Final conclusoin is read control systems, EDC, analog electronics, communicatoin theory, tx lines, networks,digital electronics,signals and sytems its enough read well u can get it .try to remind some formulaes from amplifiers since siome problems are given from them.

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