HAL  Placement Paper   General - Other   Noida-17 Nov 2008

HAL  Placement Paper   General - Other   Noida-17 Nov 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I m from ECE stream.AND given this paper today. The first and last thing to clear this paper is that you have to be well prepare your technical knowledge not only concept bt formulae also.One thing was gud that there was no negative ,marking.

    The pattern was same as all person has told you.There was 120 technical questions, 20 aptitude
    and 20 from English cum  General knowledge.

    Some of them i remember:-
    1.Which one is the oldest Ved.
    a)Rig ved
    b)Arth ved
    c)Sam ved
    ans is a

    2.Who is the Man behind Super man ?????????
    3.Aryabhatt was lauched from?
    ans is a)

    4.Flying any plane is prohibited on which building in India?
    a)loksabha bahwan
    b)India Gate
    c)Taj Mahal
    ans is c)

    5.TODA tribals were found in?
    a) manipur
    b) jharkhand
    c) sikkim
    i think it shud manipur bt not confirmed

    6.some questions on prepostions.
    7.some on correct sentenses
    8.one on conclusion of para.

    In aptitude just easy series ,hcf, multiplictaions quite easy ones .

    The most toughest part is Technical. Idont remember all the questions but still giving a idea how to prepare.
    1.All equations of transistors actions .(with numericals)
    2.Diode equations, junction capacitance.
    3.Op-amp in different modes like in negative feed back(with formulae).
    4.FET Operation, Threshold  Voltage,and equation.
    5.Control systems, Nyquist  criterion, Root locaii, Nicholas, Bode plot, Routh  Hurwitz Criterion.
    6. Characterization of Control system based on transfer function and characterization
    7.Effect of adding poles and zeros on the system stability.
    8.effect of lead and lag phase networks
    9.some questions about networks numericals for rms values avg values
    10.some questions on magnetism of a material,wire,magnetic field (numericals).
    11.some questions form EMFT on transmission lines,wave guides.
    12.Trans conductance of transistor,hybrid model.
    13.Questions on Tree,Graph in Networks.
    14.Types of amplifiers like Class A,B,c.
    15.Cascaded filters.
    17.Numerical on sampling theorem.
    18.Fourier series and long sinusoidal function and then tell the avg value of that signal.
    19.RLC circuits with wattage  n calculate the currents n ...
    20.AM,FM ,Envelope Detectors n many more.
    21.PI,PD,PID and the effect of derivative and integral cotroller action.
    I Think Thats All You Have to be sound in all the above said.
    All the Best !


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