Great Courses Great Faculty: Dr. Albrecht Classen

Great Courses Great Faculty: Dr. Albrecht Classen


Dr. Albrecht Classen teaches TRAD 104: Eroticism & Love in the Middle Ages as one of the large Centennial Hall class offerings. Dr. Classen was going to be out of the country during the second week of classes. So what could he do to cover his class while he was gone? The solution: create a special video to show students during their regular class time. Dr. Classen tell us: "Since we are all also researchers and have to attend conferences and workshops out of town, sometimes we cannot help missing a class. But this new technology proved to be a fantastic opportunity to substitute myself. I have done it already a second time, and will use this video approach several more times during the semester even when I'll be in class so as to change the teaching approach."

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