GlobalLogic  Placement Paper   General - Other   Allahabad-9 Aug 2008

GlobalLogic  Placement Paper   General - Other   Allahabad-9 Aug 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends first there was a online written test after the formal presentation of the company .

    The written test consists of the aptitude questions and technical questions.
    We have to solve 50 questions in 60 minutes time.

    Questions was from aptitude , data structures , and c++ .
    Some questions based on flowcharts was also there .Written test was very rigorous and you will definitely run out of time. So selection of questions are very important .
    Don't waste time on a single questions. Just be cool and don't lose your mental patience as time will be very very short .
    There was no negative marking .So feel free to take the calculative risk .

    22 students was selected for interview after the technical test '
    There was 1 tech and 1 hr interview .
    First my HR interview was taken:

    HR: Tell me about yourself ???
    Me: It was memorized .
    HR: Tell me the difference between amethi campus and main campus ???
    ME: Just put the positive and some negative points of amethi campus over main campus.
    HR:Then he talks about my family , hobbies ,projects ,weakness??

    At last he asked me that if I have any questions.

    I asked what you want to judge from written test ?? How fast a student can solve the exam paper or mental calmness of a candidate . As in this written any candidate can loose his mental calmness.???

    He explained me a lot how they evaluates. They r looking for the fast candidates . They also said that there was no negative marking so they want students to take the calculative risks  in the exam.

    Then  there was technical round

    Interviewer: Tell me about yourself.
    Me : Tell about the areas and qualities which somehow relates to your technical skills . Present your strong area to the interviewer. As I told that i m good in mathematical reasoning and logics So I am quite interested in data structures and algorithms.
    Interview : Ask me to implement two stacks using a single array???
    Me: Simple start insertion for stack1 from beginning in array and for other stack from end of array .
    Interview: Then give a c code on pointers and ask me for error if any ???
    int *p;
    Interviewer: Asks me about the complexity of fibnaucci using recursion ???

    Told them about that

    Then he asks me that given a configuration of the tetris game , write a algorithm to figure out the individual components .

    Me: First statement comes that sir this is very very difficult and code will go into couple of  hundreds lines.
    He said yes but it will put no negative effect on u only will provide bonus to u .
    I told them my approach based on recognizing patterns of individual components .

    Finally result was out in the evening and I was among the selected candidates.

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