Give A Few Reasons For Using Java?

  • Posted by  Sourav 
    27 Jun, 2012

    Question :Give a few reasons for using Java?


    Java is a fun language. Let’s look at some of the reasons:
    - Built-in support for multi-threading, socket communication, and memory management (automatic garbage collection).
    - Object Oriented (OO).
    - Better portability than other languages across operating systems.
    - Supports Web based applications (Applet, Servlet, and JSP), distributed applications (sockets, RMI, EJB etc)
    and network protocols (HTTP, JRMP etc) with the help of extensive standardized APIs (Application Programming Interfaces).

  • 16 Oct, 2012

    Before oops we are useing pop(procedure orientied programming) language to develope the applications.but pop languages are some draw backs are there that are 1)reusebulity 2)security

    to overcome these two problums we are going to oops programming like C++,but C++ has some drawback is  there i.e It is not flatform Independent,It is Platform Dependent...

    To overcome C++ drawbacks we are going to Use Java...

    The Advantatages of Java are 1)Flatform Independent 2)Reusebulity 3)Portabulity....

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