George Miller, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor Of Philosophy

George Miller, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor Of Philosophy


This is a peek inside a Philosophy class taught by Assoc. Professor of Philosophy George Miller. In Philosophy, you'll ponder humanity's place within the universe, examine key assumptions that underlie our thinking, and explore the range of human thought about ethics, truth, the meaning of life -- you name it. Here, you'll learn how to analyze and construct well-reasoned arguments, consider the history and subfields of philosophy, and investigate the world's great religions. In one week, you might go from reading a Buddhist text -- to examining Nietzsche's analysis of morality -- to discussing Plato's theory of the soul. As you do so, you'll gain valuable analytical, problem solving and synthesizing skills (which, by the way, are precisely the skill sets employers look for in college graduates). As you can see in the video, our Philosophy classes are typically interactive -- providing ample opportunity for you to share your thoughts and questions in a small, supportive classroom environment. This Philosophy class is taking place in the Education Center.

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