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Twitter, twine. Delicious, digg. Facebook, flickr. Myspace, Meetup. It seems like there are a million different social networks now. Web 2.0 has certainly received a lot of press lately - much of it well-deserved, but much of it over-hyped too. Movie stars "tweet". Rock bands have blogs and myspace pages. Even the White House is getting into the act, and everyone is talking about Gov 2.0. What does all of this mean, and what does it have to do with the Semantic Web? Is Web 3.0 just over the horizon? This month, the Washington Semantic Web Meetup is teaming with the GMU Center for History and New Media in Fairfax. We will be taking over the Johnson Center Cinema for an exciting evening full of discussions on social networking semantics.

roy rosenzweig forum george mason university - center for history and new media

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