Geometric  Placement Paper   General - Other   Company Campus -21 Jul 2007

Geometric  Placement Paper   General - Other   Company Campus -21 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi to All,  

    Geometric Software recently conducted off-campus recruitment  for 2007 Batch at their own campus.


    The test pattern and paper was as follows:-  

    1) General Aptitude Test (15 Mins & 40 Questions)

            #  It contains 3-4 series question

            #  Round @ 8 verbal question which includes synonyms and to find d conclusion.

            #  And few other aptitude question.


    This section is easy but the time is less and also there is negative marking of 0.25 so attempt only those question which u r sure about.


    2)  Technical Aptitude Test (30 Mins & 20 Question)

    The question are not based on Technical but they r logical question still the name technical aptitude test.


    The Questions are:-
    1) If a King has 1000 Expensive wine bottles and the neighboring queen has planned to kill the king. She send one of her man and he mix the poison in 1 wine bottle. The man who mixed the poison is caught by the king?s army but they doesn?t know in which bottle the poison is mixed. The poison is so strong that even if it is diluted 1000000 still any one would die, also it takes 3 weeks for poison to react. The king has party after 5 weeks he decided to give the wine to his prisoners. How many minimum no of prisoners should be tested so that king will be able to keep the wine in d party without hesitation.

    2)  If one have 260 sets of instructions then how many bits would be required by the Microprocessor??

    3)  If a suitcase is thrown by a man from a boat into sea will the water level rise?

    4)  If a brick is subjected to two equal and exactly opposite force then wht will happen to brick?

    5)  For the given figure, by how many ways we could reach from left (extended ) line to right (extended )line. Each step should be closer to destination?

    6)  n:u:: m:__

    7)  Two question were on data sufficiency one was like this.

    A sold 80% of his book in sale. He had two types of book hard book and soft book. He sold equal no of books. Hard books were sold for 3$ and soft books were for 1$. How many books did A have originally.

    a) If total revenue from the sale is 32$.

    b) after sale he is left with 2hard books  and 3 soft books.

    8) The above fig is square. In which 2 lines AB & AC are inscribed as shown. AB & AC are of 10cms. Find the area of the square.

    9) A ball is thrown vertically upwards what will be the ball projectile motion (5 graphs r given we need to match it)

    And some other questions.


    The aptitude results were declared within 15-20 mins. The selected candidate are made to fill the form and one sheet was given which include 20 words we are required to form the sentences based on it. It?s quite easy whatever comes to mind just write.


    2nd round is technical round (final round). In technical round I was asked on C, C++ & on CG for computers batch students.  

    1)      If an image is given & we need to brighten it, we could read and write into image. How it could be done?

    2)      DOF of human arm

    3)      One figure was given, He asked me how will u clip so that only the area within the rectangle can be seen.

    4)      Write the if statement that will detect the point outside the polygon(point clipping)

    5)      In C, recursive function for factorial

    6)      WAP to swap the lower byte wid higher byte on integer.

    7)      WAP to print 321 to 123.

    8)      One program was given and o/p was asked?

                   int a(int n)

                   {       count++;     }

                   void main()


                    int count=0;



                    return cout<< count;


     9)   pass by value and pass by reference

    10)  wht is function pointer

    11)  write the syntax for pointer of array

    12)  once the program is written wht r d internal steps that occur to convert it to executable code

    13)  what is macro

    14)  what is d diff between macro and fuctions

    15)  when loading takes place

    16)  what r diff features of C++ that r advantage over C

    17)  what is encapsulation

    18)  are encapsulation, datahiding, abstraction same

    19)  what are generic classes

    20)  what are d advantages of functions

    21)               int a=1000

                              int *b=&a;


    22)  there are 8 ball bearings each of 10 grams but one piece is defective which is of 9 grams you hav analog weighing system (2 pans) how many trials are required to detect the defective bearing

    23)  two lines intersecting at a point are given with coordinates of both line given. Find out the coordinates of intersecting point

    24)  what are templates



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