Geometric  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bansal College,BhopalL-08 Feb 2008

Geometric  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bansal College,BhopalL-08 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Frenz!!!

    I m ADITYA SINGH YADAV, student of LNCT college BHOPAL ,CSE 3rd year. I' ve been placed in GEOMETRIC SOFTWARES in the open campuz drive held at BANSAL college, BHOPAL on 9th feb'08.Eligiblity criteria asked was  65% in 10th,12th n BE(aggre.)


    Whole campus procedure comprised of 2 rounds-

    1. Written test

    2. Technical cum HR interview.


    Written test consisted of 2 sections;

    Section 1(General Intelligence test),it contained 40 quec. to be completed in 15 min. wid -ve markin of .25.Hey guyz,,,don't get panic,quec. were very easy.Only thing iz 2 maintain a gud speed n track of time.

    some of the quec. i remember were:-

    => 0 1 2 4 10 ?  (ans-42 hint- {0*1}+2,{1*2}+2 n so on... )

    => 2 4 12 48 240 ? (ans-1440;hint-go on multiplin given nos. by 2,3,4,5,6)

    => 9 12 11 14 13 ? 15(ans-16, alternatively add 3 n subtract 1)

    => Pick the odd one out-

         a) voilet  b) green  c) black  d) red     (ans-c,,,black iz not in VIBGYOR)

    => 4-5 synonyms n antonyms were also asked like dat of CAJOLE,LATENT,AMBIGUITYetc.

    => 1 quec frm blood relation.

    => The above fig is square. In which 2 lines AB & AC are inscribed as shown. AB & AC are of 10cms. Find the area of the square.

    => If a brick is subjected to two equal and exactly opposite force then wht will happen to brick?

    => n:u:: m:__

    => If a suitcase is thrown by a man from a boat into sea will the water level rise?

    => Scissor:cloth :: axe: ?    (ans-wood)


    and there were some aptitude quec. also...


    Section 2(technical test) included 20 quec. n time alloted waz 30 min. -ve markin waz of .50.


    Quec. in this section were based on basic geometrical conceptz n some situation based n LR quec. too.  

    Quec. asked in both da sectionz were mixed frm diff. topicz,,,there waz no definate pattern.          

             Refer foll. chapterz of RS AGGRAWAL 4 both da sectionz---

             -> Ratio n Proportion.

             -> Odd man out n Series.

             -> Time n Work.

             -> Time n Distance.

             -> Area.

             ->Statement n Conclusion(verbal n non-verbal).


    I accuretely solved 34 quec. n 14 quec. in sectionz 1 n 2 resp.

    guyz juzz remember only mark those answerz of vich u r completely sure of az -ve markin & time vill b ur biggest enemy in the written.


    Only 24 studentz got selected for da interview.Some were interviewed on the same day n rest on da next day(including me)

    I thank God 4 dat az i waz exhausted very much.I waz da 2nd person 2 b interviewed.

    My interview lasted for 45 min.


    Quec. fired on me were:-  

    HR: come in.

    Me: Gud mrng sir.

    HR: how r u feeling?

    Me: absolutely fine n comfortable sir.

    HR: tell me about urself.

    Me: i told abt myself for around 7-8 min. non stop; included my educational backgruond, technical xposure, strengths, weekness, hobbies, aim in life,etc, etc, etc....  (he waz very impressed)

    HR: aditya u mentioned u r an efficient team worker n team leader, coula u cite examples?

    Me: answered quite effectively givin 3 eg.

    HR: what iz virtual memory & itz use?

    Me: told

    HR: what iz linklist,,,itz advantage over array?

    Me: told

    HR: explain arrays & itz advantage over linklist?

    Me: explained.

    HR: what iz 16 bit n 32 bit microprocessor?

    Me: answered

    HR: Do u want 2 ask something frm me?

    Me: i asked 3 quec. they were on training duration,other technical skills 2 get myself equipped vid before joining ur company & my feedback.

    He told that i hav excellent communication skills n diz iz an added advantage vid me apart frm my technical xposure....


    Frenz,,,remember 1 thing...apart frm ur technical xposure,improvise a lot on ur communication skills  az diz can really shine u out of da crowd. alzo load urself vid great confidence n  +ve attitude....


    Finally 9 studentz got selected. I must surely say dat my selection waz possible only due to God's Grace n heartfelt wishes of my family n frenz......


    BEST OF LUCK GUYZ !!!!!!

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