Geodesic  Placement Paper   General - Other   -02 Jul 2008

Geodesic  Placement Paper   General - Other   -02 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai Friends!!! Today i attended geodesic's on-campus Recruitment!!! Though i didn't clear the written test, i wanted to share the recruitment procedure as the placement papers available for this company in internet is very low!!

    (i) The Criteria given to us is to have an Aggregate of 70% with no pending arrears.
    (ii) Only CSE,ECE and IT Departments were allowed to attend. 

    Total attended - 196
    Cleared Written - 11

    The Preplacement Talk started for us by 9.00am in the morning. There were some interesting facts in it,so be sure to listen it. After the PPT,we are sent for the written test.

    Unlike other companys Geodesic had a very different written pattern. There were 2 Sections,
    1) Algorithms and Logical Thinking
    2) C Questions

    1) Algorithms and Logical Thinking:
    There were three questions in this sections.Each carries 5 marks. Ur Solution to the problem must be an optimal one.

    q1) There was a plane which should satisfy the condt 0<b<a. U have to write a function f(x,y) which computes xn = (x + y)/2 and yn = 2(xy/x+y).Caluclate it for first 3 values and find an invariant for these values??

    q2) There are 'm' rows and 'n' columns, these have choclates in it. 2 users play a game in turn,If player breaks a chocolate in a cell,he can go either row wise or column wise and the next player should play his turn.The one who is finally left with one square is the loser.If player1 doesnt break a small chocolate and gives his turn for player2,what is the optimal stragedy for winning? What are the positions of losing??

    q3) There were 'n' people seated in a circle,every second person in the circle is eliminated,again the circle is enclosed and the procedure is repeated.Describe this as a function and 'n' should be decipted as a binary number.U should corelate n with f(n).Find f(10) and f(20)?    
    (Hint: This problem is a variant of jospheus problem)

    2) C Questions-Here there were 7 questions which were splitted as 1,2 and 3 mark problems!!
    q1) A Train is of length 'n' meters which has individual compartments of size 1 or 2 meters in length. In how many possible ways that the length of the train is accommodated with 1 or 2m compartments. Write a function Train(n) which computes this? (3m)

    q2) Give the Structure definition of link list and how will u detect a loop in the link list? Write a Seperate function for that? (3m)

    q3) Perform addition of two numbers without using '+' operator? (2m)

    q4) Consider the code snippet,
    int n[] = {0014,010,2,4,8,12};
    int i;
    What is the output of the above program?                (2m)

    q5) Find the output of the following program,
    #define swap(x,y) x=x+y;y=x-y;x=x-y;
    void main()
    int x=5,y=10;
    printf("%d %d",x,y);
    printf("%d %d",x,y);
    int swap1(int x,int y);
    int temp;
    temp =x;
    return 0;
    }                                                     (2m)

    q6) Consider the following code snippet,
    void main()
    char s=127;
    unsigned char u;
    (a) is s > 127?
    (b) is s < u?                                       (1m)

    q7) Write a function which compares two strings ending with a null character which returns '0' when they are same and '-1' when they are not same? U should not use strcmp() function. (2m)

    After the written test was over we waited for results for a long time. And only 11 cleared. Hope there was Sectional Cut-off. If u r preparing for this company, then kindly concentrate on 'C' well.. Moreover the solution, they see your approach for solving the problem. All the Best!!!! Hope i have given u enough info. Even if u lose, don?t lose hope!!! May God be with u! Cheers!!

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