GE  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -30 Jun 2006

GE  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -30 Jun 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    There are total 4 rounds
    1. Test
    2. Tech interview round1
    3. Tech interview round2
    4. HR

    Test (30mins)
    1.what is the probabilty of person not sharing the same birth day (ignoring leap year)
     a. 90%       B.97.3%    c.93%        d.96%           ans b.

    2. What is the probality of getting same nos in  two dies
    a 1/6        b.1/3        c.1/4        d.1/2         ans .a        

    3. What is the angle   <xoy
         if <axo=20deg
    Ans :160

    4.if 2x=7y=14z  write z in terms of x and y
    A. (X-y)/xy      b.(x+y)/ xy    c.(y-x)/xy    d. Xy /.(x+y)        ans d

    5. There r some ingreients for a perfume like m,n,o,p,q
      a. If m is there n shoud be there
      b. If q is ther when o is there
      c. P should more then the others.
          4 Choices r given.......

    6. A question on coding like if xhji= ferf then komj=?(not same)

    7.  There are 2 parallel chords ab & cd wer ab & cd r on opposite   side of the center, where ab=2(cd) the distance from these chord ab=a & cd=b if cd=x then write x interms of ab,cd
       ans: 2sqrt(  (b2-a2)/3)

    8. Can u dived 1000 in to 2 parts where one part is a multiple of 47 and other part multiple of 19
     1.____________________        2.________________________

    9. A question on seating arranement with 5 people. some conditions r given

    10 A problem on trains to find out length and bridge
    they mainly asked questions from the Mechanical and Civil subjects like strength of materials, heat transfer, thermodynamics etc.,
    mainly on BTech and MTech project works. HR is some wat difficult

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