GE  Placement Paper   General - Other   St.Arnold School Bandra.-09 Jan 2008

GE  Placement Paper   General - Other   St.Arnold School Bandra.-09 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    GE PAPER ON 10th JANUARY 2008

    There were three sections of which b/c was optional. section a is technical and is compulsory. technical paper had 28 c++ questions(I gave c++ test).b is technical test and c is common aptitude test with 50 questions. the total time was 90 minutes. U  really need to be very fast.  


    1 certain amount of cats decide to eat 9999919 mice?s . every cat eats more mice?s than the total number of cats. how many cats are present.
    920 999  1009


    2 which company developed the first computer.


    3which company is known as the big blue.

  a is 16 miles to the north of city b.c is 20 miles to the east of a.d is 20 miles to north of far is d from a.


    5. if in 30 litres of a solution 90%is alcohol then how much water needs to b added to make it 80%.


    6.train is moving at takes 60 seconds to pass platform which  is 500m.wat is the length of the train.

    (two problems of this type were asked).


    7.vendor:buyer   advocate:?



    8drill is the opposite of

    Hollow   hole   untrained


    9.students decide to gift principal 4200 rupees.if teachers give 50% more than the students and  an external person gives 3 times to that of much do teachers give.


    10.1000 rupees is distributed among 3 people.if a gts 2/3 the amount b gets and c gets 1/3 amount of b.then hw much did a get.


    11.y = min{(x-2),(3-x)} then wat is the value  y can take
    2 2.5 0 1


    12.sum of cube roots of the number is given and the relation between the numbers is given find the number.


    13.if 1011 is passed through the not gate then wat is the output.


    14.a circle is inscribed in a square and another circle is circumsiced on the  square.wat is the ratio of the areas of the two squares.


    15.angle bisectors of a quadrilateral is drawn. the point were they intersect forms another quadrilateral. the angle bisectors of this quadrilateral if drawn will be  

    Ans: Perpendicular to each other


    16.b brought a pc for 25% discount. he then sold it for a profit of much more is the price of the pc now from its original cost price.


    This is all I remember..hope this would be help ful.wish u all the best.


    Ramya Menon..

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