Gaming For The Greater Good

Gaming For The Greater Good


Part of the 2011 GSB Entrepreneurship Conference. Today, we spend over three billion hours a week playing online games. Games are engaging; they provide us with a sense of satisfaction and a chance to be part of something bigger than ourselves. What would happen if we applied these same dynamics to real world challenges? Learn how game thinking can be used to engage and empower participants to solve large-scale business, social, and educational challenges. Chapters 1. Introduction: Gaming For the Greater Good 2. Molly Kittle: Client Services Team at Bunchball 3. Nicole Lazzaro: Game Industry Consultant 4. Mark Nelson: Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab 5. Byron Reeves: Stanford Professor of Communication 6. Game Dynamics: Byron Reeves 7. Game Dynamics: Nicole Lazzaro 8. Are Games Multicultural? : Mark Nelson & Molly Kittle 9. The Element of Fun 10. The Greater Good Question 11. Games' Potential for Collective Action 12. Distinction Between Online and Offline Games 13. Game Scoring 14. How Game Dynamics Affect Leadership 15. Does Game Failure Hurt Less? 16. Games: Social Vs. Business Vs. Education 17. The Importance of Play 18. Games Targeting Goals 19. Audience Q & A: Addictive Games 20. Audience Q & A: Games that Provide Quantitative Information 21. Finding the "Net Referral Score" 22. Audience Q & A: Simplify the World 23. Games Used in Actual Interactions 24. The Tough Challenge 25. Games to Change Behavior 26. Motivation Without Money and Power Related Links:

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