FXLabs  Company Profile

FXLabs  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    FXLabs is a leading provider of Game development and Production services. It specialize in the creation of high quality art and animation assets as well as state of the art game code.

    With officers in Seattle, WA and Hyderabad India, FXLabs is able to service clients around the world. It has experience working in all phases of game development, from pre-production, to character creation, to special effects and more. Its highly skilled programming staff is capable of delivering well organized, well documented, and cutting edge code that can serve a variety of client needs.

    FXLabs office environment is one which encourages employees to push the edge and innovate on a daily basis. We pride ourselves in attracting and hiring the smartest, most creative, and driven people we can find.

    FXLabs is always looking to expand its partnership portfolio. We are ready to provide production, coding, animation, and conceptual services to development studies, game publishers, and license holders. If u are looking for a reliable, professional, and creatively driven company to bring your visions to life, we encourage you to.

    Contact us:
    India Office
       FXLabs Studios Pvt. Ltd.
       Plot No: 564-A-26-III
       Road No: 92, Opposite Lotus Pond
       Jubilee Hills
       Hyderabad 500 033
       Tel: +91 -40-2339-8555
       Fax from with in India: +91 -40-2339-8444

    Website: www.fxlabs.com

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