From The Discovery Of HIV To The End Of AIDS

From The Discovery Of HIV To The End Of AIDS


Francoise Barré-Sinoussi, co-winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her discovery of the virus responsible for AIDS, spoke at Emory University in June of 2011. The talk is entitled "From the Discovery of HIV to the End of AIDS: A discussion of scientific questions past, present and future." Don't Miss These Related Videos with Barré-Sinoussi: AIDS and the Discovery of HIV Progress in Treating AIDS Access to Antiretroviral AIDS Drugs Worldwide How Close Are We to a Cure for AIDS? How Close Are We to an HIV Vaccine? The Multiple Benefits of Getting Tested for HIV Additional Links Nobel Laureate Francoise Barré-Sinoussi to Speak at Emory June 16 HIV/AIDS at 30: Stories, Videos and Related Resources About the Speaker Barré-Sinoussi was invited to Emory by scientists at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, the Emory Center for AIDS Research and the Emory Vaccine Center. In addition to her lecture, she met with scientists, postdoctoral students and graduate students from Emory and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Barré-Sinoussi is director of the retroviral infections control unit at the Pasteur Institute. She also is co-chair of the United Nations Panel on AIDS Prevention (UNAIDS), and she soon will become president of the International AIDS Society. On October 6, 2008, Barré-Sinoussi and Montagnier received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. To date, she is the only woman to receive a Nobel Prize for Medicine in France. Emory University, a top 20 research university located in Atlanta, Georgia, is an inquiry-driven, ethically engaged and diverse community whose members work collaboratively for positive transformation in the world through courageous leadership in teaching, research, scholarship, health care and social action. The university is recognized internationally for its outstanding liberal arts college, superb professional schools and one of the Southeast's leading health care systems.

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