Freescale  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -7 Aug 2008

Freescale  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   -7 Aug 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    The paper was of 90 minutes and had 15 questions each of 10marks.

    Q1- Design a black box with three ports A,B,C using 5 resistors of 1 ohm each such that RAB=1.5 ohm, RAC=3.5 ohm and RBC=3 ohm.

    Q2-It was a basic   thevenin circuit with three parallel branches containing a current source of 2A current, a resistor of 1 ohm and a battery source of 1V.We were asked to calculate the current in the resistor.

    Q3-Design a mod-5 counter using JK flip flops with minimum circuitry?

    Q4-Sythesize the function Y= (AB+CD)E using CMOS?

    Q5-A general aptitude question with two parts each of 5marks.
    (a)    Related to some matrix?(Could not answer that)
    (b)    Was an easy probability based problem..

    Q6-A problem on generating a C-code..Din?t attempt it.

    Q7-A problem of finding the max frequency with 3 different parts. Each having a different clock skew.

    Q8-A problem to calculate the propagation delay in a combinational circuit.

    Q9-A tricky problem on Zener diode with an RC circuit...Had to sketch the voltage waveform across the resistor??

    Q10-Data is coming at a rate of 600mhz and is transmitted at 150mhz.Calculate the size of the FIFO required to avoid the overflow if 200 data bits are coming at a time and no data is received until the previous data is completely transmitted?

    Q11-A microprocessor has an instruction pattern such that the first 3 instructions take 1 clock cycle each, the fourth one takes 2 and the fifth one takes 3 clock cycles.    If 1 clock cycle=10ns. Find the MIPS (million instructions per second) of the microprocessor?

    Q12-A problem on dynamic power dissipation based on the input & output waveforms of a sequential circuit.

    Q13-Input & output waveforms for a circuit were given. Had to design the circuit to satisfy the conditions.

    Q14-A very easy opamp based problem to calculate the transfer function of the circuit.

    Q15-A unusual problem again on power dissipation. Given the power dissipated in each stage of the amplifier blocks..

    Ans-1:From port A connect two 1 ohm resistors in parallel to point D(say). from point D connect a resistor   to port B. And from D connect two restors in series to port C.
    Ans-2: i=1A
    Ans-3: Used 3 JK flip-flops with just one additional gate.
    Ans-4: Used 16 transistors.
    Ans-10: I got 150 bits.
    Ans-11: 63.5 MIPS

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