Fraser Hall - The University Of Kansas

Fraser Hall - The University Of Kansas


This building of cottonwood and silverdale limestone opened March 6, 1967. It sits on the second-highest point on Mount Oread ? 1,031 feet ? and is visible for miles. (The highest point is 1,037 feet, between Joseph R. Pearson Hall and Carruth-O'Leary Hall on West Campus Road.) Construction began in March 1965 on the $2.2 million structure, designed by State Architect James Canole and T.R. Griest of Topeka. It is 206 by 67 feet and has eight stories; its size of 96,000 square feet is more than twice that of the beloved 1872 building whose name it retained, which was located about 50 feet west. It houses the anthropology, sociology and psychology departments; the clinical, experimental and social psychology and somatopsychology rehabilitation divisions; the Psychological Clinic; the Survey Research Center; classrooms; a reading room; and faculty, staff and administrative offices. For more, visit:

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