Flextronics  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -1 Apr 2006

Flextronics  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   -1 Apr 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Dear Friends,

    I want to share my flextronics experience. it was of campus recruitement. only few colloges students were allowed to give the test. among them also they shortlisted the candidates and called for test.

       written test was of 90 mins. 7 sections were there as...   english grammer(like fill in the blanks, synonyms etc), comprehension, email writing, aptitude,
    reasoning, Data structure & c / C++, operating system.

    i think there is certain cut off in each section.after each section they were taking the paper and giving the next section. so it was just about speed ,timing and

             Interview question....(technical)
    1) tell about urself.(have a brief intro)
    2) explain ur final sem project. i was doing in nationa informatics center.
    3) during ur project did face any problems. if how did u solved that.
                i think that they got impressed by my project . it took nearly ten min.
    4) insert a node in linked list after the given number.
       they asked me to write the algo.
    5) from o.s. process scheduling and disk scheduling.
        i explained two or three scheduling from each.
    6) rate urself in C, C++, java
    7) windows or LINUX which do you like and why. and some more simple questions.

    HR questions
    (order i dont remember)
    1) tell me abt urself.
    2) why do you want to join us.
    3) what do you know abt flextronics.
    4) about Laloo prasad yadav and nitish kumar since  i am from bihar.(this question gone for nearly 5 mins.)
    he was satisfied by my answer.
    5) any preferable place of joining.
    (i said open to all)
    and some more questions i dont remember.

    one thing i want to say for interview. be positive.
    look into the eyes of interviewer and answer him even though he is not looking you. have a confidence. be truthful to urself. and answer  exactly to the point .
    dont try to be smart.

    (Paper Submitted By : Nitish Pratap)

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