Flextronics  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -31 Dec 2010

Flextronics  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -31 Dec 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012


    section A:30 bits
      section B:20 bits
      section C:20 bits
      section A is compulsory  attempt either section C or section B   for electronics background,it is better to attempt
      sec B

        Section C

    1. an lead compensator zero is at Z=Zc, pole is at P=Pc then the following is correct    
        a.  Pc > Zc, pc< 0, zc< 0

    2. gain margin of g(s)h(s)=1/s(s+k);
        a.   sqrt(1+k2)
        b.   0
        c.    infinity
        d.    1

    3. machestor code does not improves                                                                 
         a. clock recovery
         b. bandwidth efficiency

    4. possion distribution is used for
        a. used in FSM
        c.used for queuing delay system of mutually identical events of arrival
        d. both a and c

    5.  no.of filpflops for mod 11 counter
           a.  four
           b.  five

    6.  no.of filpflops for mod 11 counter
         a.  four
         b.  five

    7. if even parity is used for parity generation, what is the hamming distance (simple fig is given) ans:2

    8. the code set is {00000,00111,11100,11011} what is the error detecting and correcting capability?

    9. operational amp characteristics following is correct:                                        
         1. input impedance is 0
         2. output impedance is infinity
         3. input impedance is infinity
         4. gain is infinity  which combinations are correc

    10.  band pass signal having frequencies 2.5k and 4.5k?give the sampling freq
         a.  9k
         b.  4k
         c.  4.5k
         d.  7k

    11. definition of avalanche diode multiplication

    12.  more no of ripples are present in the diagram?which is correct                      
        a.   lower order filter
        b.   high order filter

    13.  If CPU have one interrupt pin and on to connect with external devices with some priority? which type of the following is used?
        a. parallel priority interrupt
        b. daisy chain
        c. RS filpflop

    14.  one megabit file transfer, serially on 9600 baud one start bit and two stop bits, then how much time it takes (approx)
        a.   4 hours
        b.   2 hours
        c.   20 minutes
        d.   2 minute

    15. IEEE 802.5 is  ans: TOKEN RING

    16. Code sequence is given what is the error correcting distance

    17. bit stuffing used in HDLC Protocol for ans: b is correct(read on text book)         

           Section A  AND B  (Both are mixed )

    1.  If "AaBbCc" is passed to the char
         char x(*a)
          return 1;
          } what will be the output?

    2.   f(*p)
          p=(char *)malloc(6);
                char *p="bye";
               what is the o/p? ans:bye

    3. when the program counter is incremented in the instruction cycle
       a. fetch cycle
       b. int cycle
       c. execuation cycle

    4. two sorted lists of n elements will take at least fine the order of complexity?
        a.  2n
        b.  n/2
        c.  square(n)

    5.  logic diagram is given? find the expression ans: OR gate

    6. question on JAVA string ans: string ends without a null character

    7. cache access time is 100ns. main memory access time is 1000ns, hit ratio is .9, find mean access time?
      ans :200ns

    8. which is not suitable to find out IP address ans:ARP

    9.  about deadlock condition

    10. convert 41.6875 into binary

    11.  read about IP AND IPX

    12. read about NFS

    13.  DHCP is
         a. for routing
         b. for network address conversion                                                         
         c. for diagnosis

    14. execution phase can be
        a. pipelined
        b. no parallelism is possible
        c. vector processing

    15. In public key algorithm , A wants to send message to B ..... which key is used
        a.  A public key
        b.  A private key
        c.  B public key
        d.  B private key

    16. to prevent replay attacks in transmission
         a.   symmetric encoding
         b.   Asymmetric encoding
         c.    for every exchange, key should be changed

    17. irtual functionality is used in C++
          a.   dynamic binding
          b.   if the derived func is present but base class not present                              

    18.  if there are n nodes in a binary tree, how many null pointers are there ans:n+1;

    19.  if heap sort contains n elements, no of comparsions required are
           a. log(n)
           b. height of heap sort

    20. question on ICV(integrity check)

    21. which of the following is efficient in terms of space
          a. insertion sort
          b. quick sort
          c. selection
          d. both a and c

    22. in 32 bit representation, the range of numbers in 2's complement form 
      ans :-2 to the power of 31 to 2 to the power of 31 minus 1

    23. about normalization

    24. socket is implemented in TCP Layer. which of the following is related to TCP layer
        ans: port number

    25. in reentrant procedure, which should be not used for passing parameters?         
        a. passed by reg
        b. by direct
        c. by indirect
        d. by stack

    26.  flow control is used for
        a. congestion at receiver

    27. flow control is used for a. congestion at receiver

    28. 5 questions on DBMS are there

    29. in global static variable , declartion in a file
        a.   localization of scope
        b.   persistance of the value through out the file                                           

    30. in sorted table contains elements , which of the searching is false
        a. hash table
        b. binary searching

    31.  in demand paging overhead of context switching is more due to
        a. copy processes from disk to memory
        b. viceversa
        c. to get associative table
        d. swapping to the disk

    32.  when write through is better than write back(related to cache memory)

    33. which is false when normalization is used?can't express

    34. I :verification: are we doing right product
      II: validation:are we doing product right
        a. i and ii are true
        b. i and ii are false
        c. i true and ii false
        d. i false and ii true

    35.  A table contains less than 10 elements which one is fastest
         a. bubble sort
         b. selection sort
         c. quick sort

    36.  about subroutine, precondition is false. what about post condition                       
         a. post condition is not defined
         b. post condition is always true

    37. When static variables are used, which one of the following is not possible?
        a. dynamic run time

    38.  in product of x and y,
               (not cleared)
      what is cyclometric complexity?
      a. 3
      b. 2
      c. 1
      d. 0

      The above SQL statement is correct or not?
      (question is not cleared)

    40. path testing is
        a. white box
        b. black box
        c. installation test
        d. environment test                                                                                    

    41. program is given?
        above algorithm represents what type of search?
         a.   binary search
         b.   interpolation search
         c.   sequential search
         d.  (may be "b" is correct);

    42. if x->y in a relation R, x1 and x2 are in x, y1 and y2 are in y (question not cleared), about functional dependancy
        a.x1=x2 and y1=y2

    43. in a down loading from website ,which one is correct? ans: check the byte code and indicate the error, if any.

    44. about UDP one Address is given but that is not the state table what will it do the packet
        a. packet is discarded
        b. packet is sent to ethernet server
        c. packet is sent to other address

    45.  in associated memory for fast accessing which one is used                         
         a. single linked list
         b. double "
         c. hash table

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