Flash Flood Utah

Flash Flood Utah


This movie records a typical desert flash flood event associated with an upstream rain storm. This area near the Book Cliffs has many of these channels, also called washes, that are active only during flashfloods. There were clouds and lightening approximately 10 km's farther up the canyon, but it was sunny and clear near the canyon mouth. The movie shows an initial load of coarser material and woody fragments. The channel is approximately 4m wide. Levees are built of woody debris as flood first passes by (best seen c. 19 sec). At least cobble sized rocks were being carried by the flow. At 34 seconds, you see standing waves formed in the flow. Flow depth was only 10 cm. Note hydraulic jumps seen at 40 sec and 42 seconds as flow cuts across road way. Quintijn Clevis Department of Geological Sciences, CIRES Univ. Colorado Boulder

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