First-InSight  Company Profile

First-InSight  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    First Insight Company Profile

    Corporate View:
    First Insight Corporation is a provider of technology-based services for eye care practitioners. First Insight Corporation was founded in 1994 and is based in Hillsboro , Oregon .


    First Insight has always had a close relationship with the eye care professional. Current president and CEO, Nitin Rai, the company's origins stem from Nitin's own experience as a patient. In 1991, Nitin was diagnosed with an eye condition known as lattice degeneration. It was during one of his checkups with his optometrist that he noticed the doctor's computerized patient tracking system. Instead of sifting through a manila file folder full of paper charts, letters and referrals, Nitin?s doctor was able to refer to previous exam histories, digital retinal images and past prescriptions all with a simple mouse click. 


    In response to the market's need for a better product, Nitin developed maximEyes software and backed it up with a commitment to provide reliable, first-rate customer support and service. MaximEyes was the first practice management system for eye care professionals on the Microsoft Windows platform and the first to incorporate E&M coding intelligence for proper coding in electronic medical records. 


    First Insight is well known for its commitment to revolutionize and lead the eye care industry by keeping up with the latest trends and business needs (read First Facts). In 2000, First Insight was the first practice management company to provide a single point of access for ordering spectacle lenses and frames via the Web. by First Insight integrates with maximEyes and hundreds of optical suppliers throughout the United States ?eliminating the need for manual re-entry of orders and further reducing the potential for ordering and input errors.

    Nitin's first fateful encounter with the eye care world embedded an underlying pledge in First Insight's way of doing business a pledge to understand the market from the outside in. Their roots may be in technology, but their focus is on the eye care professional.


    Mission :


    To provide eye care professionals with innovative, solution-focused products and services that will enhance the quality of patient care, improve office efficiency and staff productivity, reduce operating costs, and increase revenue by helping practices create a flexible, comprehensive paperless office system.



    First Insight Corporation

    22845 NW Bennett Street

    Suite 200, Building B

    Hillsboro , OR   97124


    Entry level Recruitment:


    First Insight is a thriving organization seeking dynamic, self-motivated, independent and reliable individuals to join their teams in Hillsboro , Oregon and Pune , India . Their e-commerce solutions and practice management and electronic medical records software continue to revolutionize and lead the eye care industry.


    First Insight offers an environment where teamwork is a big component with how they run their business. If you are interested in a career where bold ideas, high energy, and a commitment to delivering first-rate customer service set the standard, send them your resume


    Training for Freshers:


    First Insight strongly believes in providing hands-on, comprehensive onsite training for every client. Their certified trainers are highly experienced in the eye care and software industry. On-site training at your practice is included with the purchase price of maximEyes and the number of days will vary depending upon the size of your practice and the modules you opt to buy. 


    First Insight is unique in that they provide a second follow-up training session, IN PERSON, on more advanced questions that inevitably come up once you have the momentum going.


    First Insight offers a variety of ongoing training options to help you make the most of your investment in maximEyes. Whether you're a new maximEyes customer needing basic instruction, or an experienced user looking for new tips and tricks, you'll find an option that fits.


    About the Recruitment test:


    The recruitment test consists of 4 rounds.


    1)     Written test

    2)     Group Discussion

    3)     Technical interview

    4)     HR interview


    How to prepare:


    Read more on First insight preparation.


    For more information, please visit official website.


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