Explain More About WSDL

  • 23 Feb, 2012

    WSDL given us many element to describe its document. I have only given you four elements which are main elements to describing WSDL document.These are:1. <portType> is an important element to describe WSDL document.Using this element we can perform a task to compare a function library(like: class) in traditional programming language.2. each <message> element has more than one parts.we can compare that parts.3. using <types> we can define datatypes that are used in web services.4.using <binding> for each port we can define the format of messages and details of protocol.syntax:<definitions><types>To define type here</types><message>To define message here</message><portType>To define portType here</portType><binding>To define binding here</binding></definitions>

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