Essar  Selection Procedure

Essar  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Selection process

    A.       Written Test.

    B.       GD and Group PI.

    C.        Technical and HR interview.

    (A) Online Written Test:-

    No of sections-4(Qunatitiative Aptitude,Reasoning,Verbal ability and Technical)

    No of question-170

    Time limit-120 Minutes(In all sections we have an individual time frame .So it is necessary to follow up the time)

    It is the most important round of the selection process that we know. The first three sections not too much tough

    For the technical section, they asked basic question from the whole instrumentation. For this section you must prepared well.  They asked from all the instrumentation related subject and some basic Electrical and Electronics question. So to qualify this round you must be clear the basic fundamental of under mention topic -
    some of questions like....

    1. About Electronics and Electrical Measurement
    2. Instrument (specification, Use, Range, material.).
    3. Range of any specific type thermocouple, RTD,

    also some basic problem.

    1. Digital Instrumentation like PLC, SCADA, DCS etc.
    2. Digital Electronics (flip-flop, Counter, Register) and basic of Electronics (Diode, Transistor etc. )
    3. Sensor and Transducers & their principles use.
    4. Op-amp based problem and question.
    5. Process Parameter like Temperature, Pressure, Level, Flow is very important part .Range of the instrumentation, where and why use.

    B) Group Discussion:-

    Our topic in GD was ?What is best for Power generation for Future India thermal, nuclear or Hydro power plant?

    Telephone Interview:

    The Conversation of telephonic interview is below. In the other side of telephone three members was as an Interviewer.

    Interviewer: - Good morning,

    Me:- Good Morning Sir,

    Interviewer: - what about you ?

    Me:- I answered also I mention in this parts my favorite subject (Process parameter Measurement), about my Industrial training and about my final year project.

    Interviewer:- Say something about Electromagnetic Flow Meter.

    Me:- Answered.

    Interviewer:- Electromagnetic Flow Meter is Bidirectional or unidirectional and why?

    Me ? In first Attempt I done Mistake but when I describe it became correct and the appreciate.

    Interviewer: - How many types Ultrasonic flow meter is use in industry and explain any one?

    Me:- it was tough to explain in over phone but I tried my best cause there have no scope to writing the equation , although I explained all the Equation over phone slowly. Interviewer: - what u knows about pressure bellows?

    Me:- I am not prepared well in this question so I said sir I am not getting the question actually. Then Sir said gives some examples of pressure bellows and I answered.

    Interviewer:- Temperature  range of k type thermocouple and Combination metal .

    Me; - I answered well.

    Interviewer: - what is calibration? How can we get to know the instrument is not calibrated and how we calibrate it?

    Me:- I was explained the Answered but I felt that they were not satisfied by my answered. Then I again explain slowly with mentioning some static and dynamic Characteristics of instrument.

    Interviewer: - what is error and what is Parallax error? Explain.

    Me:- I explained this question very confidently because it was too much easy. Ha Ha ?

    Then very few question asked by them which is related with HR and I answered all the question with my ability. They asked like why do u want to join Essar, Family background etc (very basic).


    Personal Interview:-
    There were two sections in personal interview.
    (i) Technical (More Important).
    (ii) HR.
    (i) In technical, they asked me about myself first .

    For this HR part I will suggest you please give the answered correctly with confident and honesty and positive thinking.

     My interview was over but I was very scared about my interview because I don?t see the person who took my interview and  also they were satisfied by my answered  or not .But I was in positive always because my answered  interview satisfied me.


    After 20-25 days they send the result to our college TPO. & I was selected.  I was too much happy that day although this was my 2nd JOB from college.


    In 18th July?2011 I joined in ESSAR GROUP. Now I am a part of this big MNC organization. I am in Essar Power Limited.

    I think my experience may be helping you in your future selection drive for ESSAR GROUP and other Core company also.


    Thanking you all

    Best of luck............


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