ERICSSON  Selection Procedure

ERICSSON  Selection Procedure

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi guys dis is Chowdary?.we got ERICSSON on campus GITAM University on 22 March 2010


    The campus was for R & D Bangalore (new building under const?for 3G)


    70% cut-off, Btech-3.4L , Mtech-4.6L


    Out of 160

    20 cleared 1 stage?

    09 cleared 2 stage?

    (no elimination in GD)

    02 got selected at last?I was oneeeee of 09 mem?..nt selected J


    Correct: (1 Mark)

    Wrong: (-1 Mark)


    Caution: Prevent wrong ans as much as possible?dey look at dem very closely


    Stage1: arithmetic-20bits(boats, pipes, cubes, prob, permu, distance etc,)

                   Computer science sub que -20bits(simple)

                   English-a)16 bits(fill in the blanks wid 16 options?most easiest one of da whole paper)

                                  b) 4 que from comprehension passage


    Correct: (1 Mark)

    Wrong: (-1 Mark)


    If u clear stage one den u wll face stage 2


    Stage2: Technical


                 a) 5 objective ques (5 Marks)(Negative -1 here fr bits)

                    1. ans is 11

                    5. ans is swap(&a,&b)


                 b) write any one prog from given 5 prgms(using c or procedures)(5 Marks)(DESCRIPTIVE)

                    1.using a[1..n] build two stack wid no limit?but wen combined together must not cross a[1..n]

                    2. print the nodes in order of binary tree

                    3 & 4 harldly rember but from Data structures

                     5.microproecssor prgm


    Stage3: Group discussion


                    Two topics..u need to select one from it in 2 min nd den 3 min given den talk abt 5 min

    (no elimination in dis round)(IPL,Politics)


    Stage4: Tech interview+ HR


    Technical is mainly on ?C? pointers, arrays(u need to write prgm)

    Q) write a program for function as null pointer takes string nd prints alternate charcters in stng

    Nd on ur previous sem subjsts


    Hr is cool nd da main que is ???..y ur sitting in dis interview ??



    ALL da best frnz?..Eric R & D is gud fr those who think dey can study further?nt fr dem who think dey want job but no learning J))))))))

    dis much i wann let u all know if...u wll be one of me who serched in dis site nd got smthing gud !!             

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