ERICSSON  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   GITAM UNIVERSITY-22 Mar 2010

ERICSSON  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   GITAM UNIVERSITY-22 Mar 2010

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi guys dis is Chowdary?.we got ERICSSON on campus GITAM University on 22 March 2010


    I want to share my experience?The recruitment is completed in 1 results r announced 15 min in time aftr evry stage


    The campus was for R & D Bangalore (new building under const?for 3G)


    70% cut-off, Btech-3.4L , Mtech-4.6L


    Out of 160

    20 cleared 1 stage?

    09 cleared 2 stage?

    (no elimination in GD)

    02 got selected at last both frm CSE?I was oneeeee of 09 mem?..nt selected J


    Correct: (1 Mark)

    Wrong: (-1 Mark)


    Caution: Prevent wrong ans as much as possible?dey look at dem very dearly


    Stage1: 60 bits ? 45 min


    (i) arithmetic-20bits(boats, pipes, cubes, prob, permu, distance etc,)

    (ii)Computer science sub que -20bits(simple)

    (iii)English-a) 16 bits(fill in the blanks wid 16 options?most easiest one of da whole paper)

                        b) 4 que from comprehension passage


    Correct: (1 Mark)

    Wrong: (-1 Mark)


    If u clear stage one den u wll face stage 2


    Stage2: 30min




                 a) 5 objective ques (5 Marks)(Negative -1 here fr bits)

                    1. ans is 11

                    5. ans is swap(&a,&b)


                 b) write any one prog from given 5 prgms(using c or procedures)(5 Marks)(DESCRIPTIVE)

                    1.using a[1..n] build two stack wid no limit?but wen combined together must not cross a[1..n]

                    2. print the nodes in order of binary tree

                    3 & 4 harldly rember but from Data structures

                     5.microproecssor prgm


    Stage3: Group discussion


                    Two topics..u need to select one from it in 2 min nd den 3 min given den talk abt 5 min

    (no elimination in dis round)(IPL,Politics)


    Stage4: Tech interview+ HR


    Technical is mainly on ?C? pointers, arrays(u need to write prgm)

    Q) write a program for function as null pointer takes string nd prints alternate charcters in stng

    Nd on ur previous sem subjsts


    Hr is cool nd da main que is ???.. y ur sitting in dis interview ??


    I hope u mite be one of dem like me?.frst serach on freshersworld?.nd got da best out here...!! 


    ALL da best?..Eric R & D is gud fr those who think dey can study further?nt fr dem who think dey want job :))))))))


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