Epson  Company Profile

Epson  Company Profile

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    7 Jan, 2012

    EPSON, which is part of SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION, Japan, is a Total Digital Imaging Solutions company. It manufactures the entire range of input and output imaging devices like inkjet printers, dot matrix printers, lasers, scanners, and LCD projectors. EPSON's product portfolio also includes Systems & Crystal Devices, Integrated Circuits, Optical products, factory automation systems and watches.

    EPSON has developed a reputation as a visionary company with a commitment to developing technologies that enhance multiple aspects of people's lives.


    EPSON INDIA PVT LTD is a 100% subsidiary of EPSON SINGAPORE PTE LTD which is an affiliate of SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION, JAPAN.

    Meeting the demands of a fast growing market is always challenging. EPSON'S success in India is a measure of not just ground-breaking technology, but also its understanding of the Indian consumer. Our endeavor is to provide all-round imaging solutions to those who need it - whether it's for the home, office or studio.

    In the world of digital imaging, EPSON has always led the revolution. Brilliant innovations that give the photo enthusiast and professional the power to create or re-create the images of life. The colour, the light, the reality. Just as life is. Just as perfect imaging should be.

    EPSON is constantly trying to improve on the natural methods of imaging and reproduction. 5760 optimized dpi resolution, exclusive 6 color photo printers for the professionals, Borderless Printing, 80 years light fastness, PRINT Image Matching Technology ideal for digital camera users who want faithful reproductions of images, high resolution, international award-winning scanners, world?s highest selling LCD technology for projectors, highly reliable Dot Matrix Printers?.the list is endless.

    In India, EPSON has the distinction of having an impressive client portfolio for its imaging products. These include leading ad agencies, graphic artists, architects, top photographers, film producers, directors, large studios and corporates.

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