Engineering Design Day 2009

Engineering Design Day 2009


Engineering Design Day is the UA College of Engineering's premier showcase of student design. It marks the end of a year-long experience that involved students working on real problems with real clients. The program gives engineering students a chance to apply four years of engineering education to a project that has real benefit. Seniors in the UA College of Engineering compete for thousands of dollars in prize money during the annual competition, which is held annually and judged by practicing engineers from companies throughout the country. Completing a Senior Capstone Project as a team is a graduation requirement for most UA engineering students and the showcase is a chance to present the college's expertise in areas such as biomonitoring and in environmental and sustainable engineered systems. The senior capstone program gives students experience working on real-world design projects that involve budgets, reviews and deadlines. Many of the projects go on to yield patented commercial products. UA College of Engineering

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